• He's not a politician, just like Trump. He will represent Billings well.

    Richard Tineigh Billings, MT
  • He is a combat veteran and a true patriot.

    Robert Williams Polson, MT
  • I agree with his values.

    Merna Terry Kalispell, MT
  • I know that Troy has lived and exemplifies the Warrior Ethos. Now when you go to help "drain the swamp" there are some dangerous "critters" living there.

    Dan Stewart Veteran, Rexford, MT
  • I am also a Veteran and we desperately need Troy to help us straighten out the mess Jon Tester has created in the VA. It's no secret among informed veterans that Jon Tester does not actually help veterans. All Tester has done with the VA is squander money by creating high dollar jobs for his Democrat friends at the MT VA. Tester has not shown actual concern for the quality of VA care.

    Melanie Boscoe Billings, MT
  • I am proud to stand with a fellow combat veteran that will represent the best of Montana in the U.S. Senate. Troy Downing put his life on hold to serve our country, defend our freedoms, and fight for what he believes in serving two deployments to Afghanistan. Troy Downing saved countless lives and rescued our wounded soldiers in the fight. Now, we need Troy Downing to help rescue America. I fully support and endorse Troy Downing for U.S. Senate.

    Rob O'Neill Former Navy SEAL, Butte, MT Native
  • We need someone who will stand with Donald Trump. Someone who is tough on crime. Someone who understands trade. Someone who will put Montana first! Troy is that man.

    Dennis Leonard Missoula, MT
  • Fellow Montanans’ I’m honored and proud to recommend Troy Downing for U.S. Senate in the upcoming 2018 Election. As one who knows Montana well, having served in the state and flown both missile security and rescue missions, there is no better candidate to have your back than Troy. I know of no one that has dedicated the life-changing sacrifices for this nation in the aftermath of 9/11 that he has accomplished: successful tech entrepreneur, citizen-airman, and warrior, dedicated public servant, with a great family. Troy Downing has had my back in the most demanding situations our nation required. Troy is ready, able, and willing to do no less for Montana and it’s citizens. Please vote for Troy Downing for U.S. Senate.

    Lt Col Eric Greenblatt Veteran
  • I first met Troy at a Warriors and Quiet Waters event that he volunteered for when I was about a year out from my injury. After spending that week together, I can say that he is a honest and caring man. You learn a lot about each other when fly fishing in a boat for that much time especially while he was helping me get around as I'm in a wheelchair. I'm proud to know him and call him my friend.

    Jason Gibson Veteran
  • As a Vet Troy will work to do the right thing for Montana and America!

    Michael Stephens Sula, MT
  • As a small business owner and native Montanan, I support Troy B. Downing for the U.S. Senate. I believe Troy has the qualities and professional experience to led Montana in the right direction. I have lost faith in the career politician and I feel that an honest hard working, self-made man, such as Troy B. Downing, will do a better job representing the majority of the people of this great state of Montana.

    Richard Patterson Corvallis, MT
  • Without hesitation, I completely endorse Troy Downing as the next Senator of Montana. This rich Republic of ours needs principled, honest, entrepreneurial, individuals to represent the people. Troy would bring these attributes to Washington. Troy served with honor in the 129th Combat Rescue Wing as an aviator and volunteered for overseas combat in the wake of 9-11.  He continually demonstrated reliability, dedication, and commitment, all the while managing a thriving business. We, as a country, would benefit by having Troy represent us at the federal level.

    Thomas K. Saxe, Lt. Col Veteran
  • I had the honor of serving with Troy in both peacetime and in combat as his commanding officer. His dedication, integrity, and professionalism made Troy a standout performer in our Combat Rescue squadron. I’ve trusted Troy with my life many times and would do so again without hesitation. Troy Downing doesn’t just ask what he can do for his country, he jumps in and gets the job done. Troy Downing truly is a great American.

    Lt. Col Spillane Veteran
  • Troy Downing is a 24 karat gold American Hero. He has fought for our country by saving lives and our freedoms while serving 2 tours in Afghanistan. My son also served 2 tours over there. Troy made certain many of our sons came home.Troy has what it takes and is exactly the type of person we need in the U.S. Senate right now to represent Montana. I fully support and endorse Troy Downing to be our next U.S. Senator.

    Bob Fanning Former Candidate for U.S. Senate
  • We need a true anti-establishment candidate and not just another politician who goes from office to office. We need someone who represents Montana values, who will vigorously support our President's agenda and who will help make America great again. Troy Downing will fight in the U.S. Senate!   Our country faces real threats both overseas and at home. When I think about who I want representing Montana, helping to tackle these difficult issues, I want combat veteran, Troy Downing, who will have our troops '6' in DC.

    Lola Zinke Chair Troy Downing for Senate

The following Montanans have endorsed Troy Downing for U.S. Senate:

Thomas Nygard, Bozeman, Small Business Owner

Richard Patterson, Corvallis, Small Business Owner

Alan Aiello, Hamilton, Wealth Management

Jeremy Jernigan, Bozeman, Veteran

Lisa McNabb, Belgrade, Small Business Owner

Greg Stuart, Clancy, Veteran

Andrew Bush, Bozeman, Wholesale Distribution

Greg Branch, Paradise Valley, Ranching / Feed

Craig Sequin, Bozeman, Chef / Restaurateur

Ronnie Burns, Roundup, Rancher / former Law Enforcement

Stephanie Alexander, Big Sky, Small Business Owner

Colonel Ted R Campbell Jr., Bozeman, Veteran

Travis Williams, Missoula, Equipment Sales

Lisa Reinhardt, Livingston, Gold Star Sister

Jeremy Mahugh, Whitefish, Veteran

Willie Blazer, Ennis, Veteran

Jeremy Carpenter, Bozeman, HR Director

Martin Eadie, Bozeman, Veteran

Gerry Mercer, Libby, Taxidermist

Jim Spielman, Billings, Equipment Manufacturing

Ed Lesofski, Missoula, Executive Director/Co-Founder Rural Institute for Veterans Education and Research

Steve Zabel, Bozeman, Small Business Owner

Jimmy Patelis (R), Billings, State Representative

Arron Wass, Bozeman, Small Business Manager

Rob O’Neill, Butte, Former U.S. Navy SEAL

Melanie Boscoe, Billings, Veteran

Dan Stewart, Rexford

Merna Terry, Kalispell

John Butorovich, Butte

Michael Stephens, Sula

Richard Patterson, Corvallis

Robert Williams, Polson

Travis Lister, Butte

Kimberly Mill, Park City

Tim Ryan, Big Sky, Owner of River Rock Lodge

Robert Rule, Helena, Small Business Owners 

Brent Perschon, Helena

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